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HD Lamination Brows

The number one brow bar service we personally love – The Runway Brow! We straighten your brows in an upwards position, using a setting and keratin solution that will work your brow hairs to achieve a fluffy look. This leaves the brows with a fuller, glossier appearance. This service includes a wax, reshape and tint. This service can take up to an hour to complete and results can last up to 6 weeks. It is a great alternative to cosmetic tattooing if you are after thicker brows.

If you’re looking for fluffy, bold and beautiful natural eyebrows, our brow lamination in Sydney is a popular new service that delivers long-lasting brow perfection. Unlike microblading and tinting, laminated brows are shaped using a brushing and straightening technique, working with your natural hair colour to create body and shape. 

Brow lamination — the process

Seen on fashion runways and used by beauty gurus, brow lamination in Sydney is one of the most popular brow services. Our specialists brush your brows into your desired shape using a keratin treatment and leave them to straighten and set. Once the hairs have been set in place, this semi-permanent treatment will leave your eyebrows looking glossy and full for a gorgeously fresh and natural look. Our HD brow lamination in Sydney includes a wax, reshape and tint for a long-term treatment that can last up to 6 weeks. 

The benefits of brow lamination in Sydney

While brow shaping and tinting can create a darker, stronger looking brow, this can look unnatural, especially for the first week after your brow service. Eyebrow lamination addresses a variety of brow concerns by working with your brow shape and feathering your hair for a more natural look. The benefits of laminated brows include:

  • Improving the effects of thinning and ageing by crafting a fuller shape with your existing hair.
  • Over-plucking and waxing can cause gaps in your brows. Laminated brows create a lengthening effect to fill in any gaps and bald patches.
  • Create an even and bold shape for more natural-looking eyebrows.

We’re experts in the industry

Renowned as one of Australia’s leading eyebrow specialists, Lana Tarek creates a personalised approach to brow lamination in Sydney. Tailored to the unique contours and structure of your face, Lana Tarek is dedicated to creating stunning laminated brows that elevate your beauty. Get in contact with our friendly staff to book your consultation for brow lamination in Sydney today!