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Microshading by Lana Tarek

This technique is perfect for a natural, airbrushed ombre looking result. The perfect eyebrow treatment choice for those with oily skin and larger pores. This procedure is done by applying semi-permanent makeup to your eyebrows. The technician places pin-like dots over the brow area to fill in lighter or empty patches of the brows. This treatment shapes your brows and creates a full effect. If you tend to apply pomade or powder in your brows, then it’s more than likely that this service is for you. This procedure takes up to two and a half hours to complete and includes a complementary touch up 6 weeks post initial procedure. Results can last up to 3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle.

Not to be confused with microblading, microshading is an entirely different eyebrow shading technique. It achieves long-lasting, sculpted-looking brows without the need for large incisions. It is also known for being a far less painful alternative to microblading. The procedure can easily be performed without local anaesthetic, unlike microblading, where it is always required. However, for your complete comfort throughout the procedure, we will numb the brow area before your eyebrow shading treatment.

Why choose microshading?

Just like microblading, microshading offers a semi-permanent brow solution that can last up to three years. It is achieved by making small dots between the natural hairs of your brows to fill in any gaps and create a more attractive shape. The dots used in microshading are far smaller than those used in microblading, making this an easier procedure and ultimately achieving a more natural-looking result. –

The endless benefits of microshading

With microshading in Sydney becoming more and more popular, many people are discovering its benefits for themselves. Firstly, microshading gives your brows a fuller, more even appearance. It can be used to thicken sparse brows and give a more sophisticated shape to brows that are usually difficult to tame. The ombre effect achieved, where the brow gradually darkens towards the outer corners, is flattering for every skin tone and face shape.


Microshading can also save you a lot of time! We all know how tedious it can be trying to get our brows right before a day at work or a night out. Microshaded brows are semi-permanent, so your brows will no longer need to be part of your makeup regime.

What to expect before and after your microshading treatment

Prior to your treatment, we will consult with you to establish the look you hope to achieve. With an internationally renowned specialist like Lana Tarek, you are in completely safe hands — she has performed this procedure dozens of times for high-end clients.


Once you have had numbing cream applied to your brow area, you will be taken through to start your treatment, which usually lasts approximately two hours. The results are visible straight away — you will instantly fall in love with your new brows!


Following the procedure, you can get on with your life as normal, but we advise you to avoid getting your brows wet for 24 hours. You should also avoid any strenuous activities likely to make you sweat, or UV rays, until your skin is completely healed.


Over time, your microshaded brows will not discolour. They will simply fade and lose colour saturation until it’s time for your next treatment.

Find out more about microshading in Sydney

If you are based in Sydney and you would like to book an appointment for microshading, you can do this right here, right now. Simply click the “book online” button on our website, and we will make an appointment for you. If you would like more information before going ahead, please contact us. Our team is here to help you at all times.