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Our Values

At Lana Tarek Brows, we have cultivated a culture that values expertise, quality, customer experience, inclusivity and professionalism.

Cosmetic Injectable Training


Our team is guided by one of Sydney’s leading brow specialists. This means the advanced knowledge and skills being nurtured in our environment has created a standard where quality is expected. We believe the mentorship, being up to date with industry trends and new technologies, sets us apart from other brow specialists. We have the knowledge and skillset to ensure consumer satisfaction.


We regard quality service with a significant amount of gravity. Aligned with our expertise value, we pride ourselves on providing a signature standard for brow and beauty services, where consumers get what they pay for. From eyebrow waxing to cosmetic tattoo procedures, appropriate measures are always taken to ensure customer satisfaction. Each specialist at Lana Tarek Brows offers a unique skill, where they devote time and effort to ensure quality meets our client’s brow experience. Our reputation is an ode to this.

Customer Experience

Our mission at Lana Tarek Brows is to ensure every consumer’s interaction with our brand is met with excellence – upon entry to exit. We want our client’s holistic perception of us to resonate with our values of customer experience. For us, this means creating customer experiences that form long-lasting relationships.


Our creative space is where we celebrate the art of being, where everybody is accepted for who they are. This attitude is not limited to anyone. For our team, this means appreciating the skills and expertise they offer and allowing them to take charge of their field of knowledge. For our clients, this means tailoring our services to a bespoke approach. We enable our students to roam freely in our Browcademy and showcase what they know, free from judgment. We only recognise humans, as humans – we do not create labels. We have created a safe space where humans and art are appreciated.


At Lana Tarek Brows, we demonstrate a high degree of professionalism for all services provided. Aligned with our ethos, we want to ensure our services embody honesty and integrity. From initial consultations to mapping treatments, followed by providing our services, our team demonstrates a high level of expertise and professionalism.