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Cost of Treatments

Brows and Beauty Package

HD Lamination Brows

Teeth Whitening

Keratin Lash Lift and Tint


Duo Teeth Whitening Package


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


Microblading and Lip Blush Package



Lip Blush Semi permanent tattoo


Ombre and Lip Blush Package


Lip Tattoo


Eyebrow Shaping

Our brow specialists transform your brows using the unique LT Method, focusing on shape & design, tailored to the individual. Our specialists work closely with you to create your perfect look. This involves a combination of techniques including waxing, tweezing, tinting and lamination if desired.

Eyebrow Reshape (Wax)$49.99
Eyebrow Threading$39.99
Eyebrow Reshape + Tint (HD)$59.99
Eyebrow Threading + Tint (HD)$59.99
Eyebrow Reshape + Lighten$59.99
Henna Only$69.99
Eyebrow Reshape + Henna$99.99
Eyebrow Lamination$130
Eyebrow Lamination (HD)$150
Lamination or Lash Tint Reversal$50
Henna Wax + Tint $99.99
Hybrid Wax + Tint $69.99

Facial Wax

Lip / Chin Wax$15
Nose Wax$15
Full Face Wax$59.99
Full Face Threading$49.99

Lash Lift and Tint


Our  lash lift has a coating of keratin to help seal and nourish the lashes, ensuring they are strong and healthy. After the treatment is completed your lashes are lifted and curled, creating a perfect natural lash enhancement.

Eyelash Lift and Tint $150

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Dreaming of having the perfect smile. Our specialists can help you achieve this with our teeth whitening treatment. Instantly brightening your teeth 6-12 shades lighter.

LED Teeth Whitening$150
LED Teeth Whitening - Duo package (2 people) $250

Micro Skin Needling

One session$199
Three session package$550
Five session package$650

Eyebrow Microblading / Microshading Consultation

Microblading and microshading is a revolutionary brow enhancement, that implants pigment underneath the skin, using a soft layered technique to create a natural looking brows. The LT method provides individual hair strokes or shading effect to create a flawless brow for 12-24months

In Salon Consultation - Non Refundable $100
*All eyebrow Micro-pigmentation services include one free touch up valid for three months

Lana Tarek - Principal Artist

Eyebrow Microblading$1800
*Additional touch up prices increase based on last touch up date
Blade & Shade $1999
Eyebrow Ombrè Shading $2200

Michele - Elite Artist

Eyebrow Microblading$900
*Additional touch up prices increase based on last touch up date

Amy - Senior Artist

Eyebrow Microblading$750
*Additional touch up prices increase based on last touch up date
Blade + Shade$800
Eyebrow Ombrè Shading$900

Diana - Senior Artist

Eyebrow Ombrè Shading$899

Joumana - Senior Artist

Eyebrow Microblading$699
*Additional touch up prices increase based on last touch up date

Lip Blush Tattoo

Lip Blush Tattooing naturally enhances the lips, this stimulates blood flow creating collagen regeneration.


This service is a great alternative to Dermal Fillers.

Initial Treatment$850
Touch up$450
Pre Treatment Colour Correction$599

Saline Tattoo Removal

Saline removal is performed using a PMU machine to penetrate the skin, so once the saline solution is applied the solution can reach the area we want to treat. 


The saline solution mixes with the pigment we want to remove and creates a reaction, causing the pigment to surface and lighten. This procedure requires a minimum of three sessions to see significant lightening of old microblading or PMU pigment. 

First Session$300
Second + Session$200

Eyeliner Tattooing

Tattooed Eyeliner has the advantage of being waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting. We apply the pigment into the top layer of the skin, each time the needle penetrates the skin, a droplet of pigment is released into the hole the needle makes.


The procedure takes between 1 – 3 hours. 

Top + Bottom Eyeliner$1000
Top Eyeliner ONLY$800
Invisible Eyeliner$800

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation replicates natural hair follicles through carefully and meticulously placing microdots of pigment amongst existing hair. This creates the appearance of a full head of hair. The procedure is suitable for any type of hair loss, including, cancer, alopecia, thinning hair, male and female pattern baldness. 

The procedure takes between 2 – 4 hours, depending on the size of the area being treated. 

You will be required to attend a consultation prior to booking to ensure you are a suitable client for this treatment. 

Prices range from $699 to $1999

cosmelan peel

Cosmelan Peel$1200

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening$150

Injectables Pricing

All Prices are starting from. We recommend booking a Consultation with our in house  before making a new booking.

Antiwrinkle starting from$100
Hand Rejuvenation/ Hydration$1,200
Injectables Consultation$100
Liquid Gold Facial$1,800
Neck Lines and Lift$1,200
PDO ThreadsFrom $599
PRP $550
Thick Dermal Filler$650 Per ML
Thin Dermal Filler$450 Per ML
ScupltraStarting from $1,200
Restylane Skin Booster$399

Cost of treatments

With a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals, we offer a host of beauty treatments that will transform your complexion and — most importantly — your confidence.

Whether you’re hoping to rejuvenate your skin with a micro needling appointment, remove facial hair, shape and sculpt your brows into fluffy perfection or brighten your smile with teeth whitening, you can trust you’re investing in high-quality beauty treatments. Choose from our selection of expert specialists and book your beauty appointment online today at Lana Tarek.

Facial wax

Enjoy a soft and flawless complexion with our facial waxing treatments. Whether you want to wax your upper lip, chin or entire face (including cheeks, sideburns, chin and nose), we remove all unwanted hairs from their roots to thin the hair follicles and reduce regrowth. This means your skin will remain smooth and hair-free for longer periods than if you were to shave your face — a huge no-no!

Micro skin needling

A minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment, micro skin needling is your go-to for smoother, softer and more supple skin. Stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, this treatment improves fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in overall skin rejuvenation. It will leave you with a beautiful, youthful glow while reducing the appearance of blackheads, open pores and hyperpigmentation.

You should start to see great results within a week of your micro needling treatment, and the effects can last for between three and five months before it’s time to book a follow-up appointment with Lana or her team.

Lana Tarek — Principal Artist

As a qualified trainer and Australia’s leading eyebrow specialist, Lana is one of the most trusted professionals in the beauty industry. Over the last decade, Lana has refined her skills, perfected her craft and serviced dozens of A-list clients across the globe — transforming their eyebrows into complete perfection. With a personalised approach to every treatment, you can trust that Lana will listen to your aesthetic concerns before suggesting suitable therapies and creating a tailored treatment plan that will correct your beauty insecurities..

When you book a consultation with Lana, you can rest assured she’ll transform your beauty and confidence with every treatment she performs. Whether it’s eyebrow waxing and shaping, eyebrow microblading, blade and shading or ombre shading, you’re in the hands of a brilliant eyebrow technician.

Amy — Elite Artist

Qualified in cosmetic tattooing and an expert in microblading, shading and ombre brows, Rosemary can transform the shape and state of your eyebrows. Renowned for her attention to detail and incredible precision, you can request and book your treatment with our popular elite artist online today.

Michelle — Elite Artist

Adored by all of our regular clients, Michelle specialises in eyebrow microblading and Microshading — a desirable treatment for those who wish to fill in sparse brow hairs or improve brow shape and thickness. Michelle is professionally trained and highly qualified in the art of Microblading and shading, so you can trust she will achieve natural-looking results that flatter your facial features.

Joumana — Senior Artist

As one of our most requested artists, Joumana has years of experience in the beauty industry. Thanks to her perfect precision, steady hands and endless knowledge of what brow styles complement certain facial anatomy structures, she’s the go-to for microblading. Joumana specialises in Microblading, tattoo removal, eyebrow shaping, hd brows and lamination.

Cosmelan peel

This quick and easy treatment is ideal for those who want to correct all stages of skin pigmentation, enhance luminosity and improve overall skin texture. As the world’s leading depigmentation treatment, Cosmelan uses the highest quality ingredients in its peels. Results are extremely long-lasting, and your skin will retain its fresh, rejuvenated and smooth appearance for one year to 18 months.

Teeth whitening

Ready to achieve your dream smile and flaunt those pearly whites? Instantly brighten your teeth 6 to 12 shades lighter with our popular treatment.


How much do facial wax services cost?

Our lip and chin wax cost $19.99, while our all-over facial wax costs $59.99. Rather than shaving your face with a razor (this is never advised), a wax at Lana Tarek will thin your hair follicles to prevent them from resurfacing and growing rapidly.

How much does eyebrow shaping cost?

An eyebrow shape and wax treatment at Lana Tarek costs just $49.99. Our expert team will work closely with you before trimming, waxing, shaping and sculpting your brows to complement your facial anatomy and favourite features.

How much do lash services cost?

For a strong, luscious and healthy set, we will apply keratin to your natural lashes as part of our lash lift and tint treatment which costs $150. We will then lift your lashes so they mimic the effect of an eyelash curler and coat them in a tint that adds darkness, thickness and fullness to your set.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

It costs just $150 per treatment to transform your smile and boost your confidence in the process. You can go anywhere between 6 to 12 shades lighter, depending on your desired aesthetic results.