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Discover Lana Tarek’s professional brow products

With over 10 years of experience in the beauty business, Lana Tarek’s expertise in working with industry-leading professionals to service customers abroad has fuelled her personalised approach to brow shaping. Since each individual has a unique facial structure, her innovative tools and brow supplies have helped every person sculpt, shape, lift and tame their brows into full and fluffy perfection.

Whether you’re a brow-obsessed makeup lover, a beauty therapy student in training or a qualified eyebrow technician seeking professional brow tools to better serve your clients, Lana Tarek’s exclusive range of brow supplies contains all of your daily essentials.

Professional brow products for a naturally fuller shape

Designed by Lana Tarek — one of Australia’s renowned eyebrow specialists and qualified trainers — her collection of professional brow products shape brows according to the unique contours of the face. Lana’s professional brow tools complement every client’s facial structure by creating the illusion of volume and fullness, adding definition, and taming unruly hairs.

Discover Lana Tarek’s professional brow tools for the perfect arch

Discover the one-stop shop for all professional brow products. Whether you’re pursuing your passion as a beauty enthusiast or serving current or future clients, Lana Tarek’s reputable, top-quality brow tools will create a naturally fuller look. Her wide selection of brow supplies is well-suited for every brow technique — from microblading, where the whole brow is filled in with strokes to create fullness, to microfeathering, which targets sparse areas in naturally full eyebrows. While bold and thick brows are on-trend, staying true to your natural shape is more important than ever.

With Lana Tarek’s professional brow tools, you can refine and perfect the intricate art of customised brows to create a clean and pronounced look time and time again.

Her brow supplies include:

  • Microblading tools

    Add an ultra-chic gold microblading hand tool to your professional brow kit to reuse (once sterilised) and attach a blade. Our special edition 24K gold permanent makeup machine (PMU) can be combined with a choice of 1R and 3R needles to create soft, ombre-shaded brows. We also have disposable hand tools and blades for narrow brow hair strokes. The LED headband magnifier is an investment to avoid eye strain during close-up work. Complete your professional brow kit with low-tech essentials like scissors and tweezers.

  • Microfeathering tools

    Achieve the perfect everyday brows with a microfeathering pencil in four different colours to suit every complexion.

  • Micro pigments

    Lana Tarek’s cream-based micro pigments come in various shades to effortlessly match and complement different brow colours. Pigment mixing sticks will help you combine pigment colours to get the perfect match every time. The remover will help alter the shape and lift unwanted strokes. For a soft-shaded effect, add a pigment diluent to your pigment.

  • Professional brow courses

    Looking for an introduction to microblading, microshading, or HD lamination? Or perhaps you would like to improve your microblading technique? When you sign up to any one of our professional brow courses, you will receive invaluable industry knowledge and a certificate of participation upon completion.

  • Practice tools

    Are you just starting out as a student, or are you new to your eyebrow technician role? Opt for a ratio eyebrow divider to pinpoint the key areas of the brow with precision, and ensure a symmetrical shape with an eyebrow measuring tape. Before treating clients to a brow service, shop our practice skin to perfect your microblading skills on different eye shapes.

  • Aftercare

    An essential step for any brow treatment, the aftercare kit contains a gentle foam cleanser to refresh the face post-procedure and an aftercare healing balm to soothe the skin. Meanwhile, eyebrow and lash growth oils will naturally thicken and condition sparse or lacklustre hairs.

Shop brow products at Lana Tarek today

If you’re looking to invest in top-quality brow supplies for yourself or your clients, shop brow products at Lana Tarek today. Whether you’re a beauty beginner or an experienced brow specialist, discover the geometric art of eyebrow shaping with Lana Tarek’s personalised brow tools.