Choosing the best eyebrow shape for your face?

Choosing the best eyebrow shape for your face?

There are different eyebrow shapes for face shapes. Unfortunately, no one eyebrow shape suits all. Do eyebrows shape your face? Yes, they do. Because eyebrows hold a central position, they help add symmetry to a face. A beautifully shaped brow frames the face and can transform it, making you look and feel younger and more confident, even without makeup!

Eyebrows can become thin and sparse with over-plucking, genetics, and age. However, women do not need to be distressed by this occurrence. There are ways to help improve the look and thickness of your eyebrows. Talk to a specialist at the Lana Tarek salon if you are concerned about your brows look. These experienced artists can not only help with the correct eyebrow shape for your face but help your eyebrows look fuller and more attractive, helping you get your confidence back.

Best Eyebrow Shape For A Round Face

To accentuate the eyes, you need to have high-arched, thick, sculpted brows if you have a round face. Angling the arches and lengthening the ends allows for more definition of this eyebrow shape for a round face in that it slims the face down.

Best Eyebrow Shape For An Oval Face

An oval-shaped face is considered the perfect shape. You need to have the right thickness to achieve the best-looking brows for those with this face shape. That means thicker brows for those with large eyes, lips, and a high forehead. A thinner-shaped brow would be more complimentary for those with a smaller oval face.

Best Eyebrow Shape For A Heart-Shaped Face

It is best to soften a sharp chin on a heart-shaped face by having low arched brows in a natural shade. These rounded brows soften the angles, creating fluidity and shape.

Best Eyebrow Shape For A Diamond-Shaped Face

A thicker, rounded arched brow with a soft shorter angle at the end works well with a diamond-shaped face. However, for individuals with the unusual combination of high and broad cheekbones on a diamond-shaped face, the best results are achieved when the eyebrows are both round and angular at the edges. Conversely, a linear brow can also work well with a diamond-shaped face, avoiding high arches with a better eyebrow shape for a round face.

Best Eyebrow Shape For An Oblong Face

An oblong face is where the forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are all about the same width, and the chin tends to be narrow. To plump up your face shape, you want to go for a shorter, fuller brow. Avoid high arches, as these will accentuate the length. Flatter brows balance out the face.

Best Eyebrow Shape For A Square Face

The secret to complimenting a square face is in the shape of the eyebrows arch. Adding an angle to the brow’s peak creates a less boxy look, with an illusion of a longer face shape. Avoid flat brows, as this shape will make a face appear even squarer and shorter. Angles and arched brows work well with this face shape.

Finding The Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

These are broad outlines to guide you in finding the best eyebrow shape for your face. However, these are not rules. Everyone is different, including their eyebrows. In addition, other points need to be considered when selecting your eyebrow shape, like the size and shape of your eyes.

That is where seeing a professional can help. The highly-trained team at Lana Tarek’s has salon can help you achieve the look you want with eyebrow shapes that compliment you, incorporating your uniqueness into the right shape and colour of your eyebrows. Contact Lana Tarek  today to discover how they can help you.

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