What are the qualifications needed for microblading training?

What are the qualifications needed for microblading training?

Let us start with important information. There are no requirements or qualifications needed to enroll in a micro-blading course. You may be coming from a hairdressing or beauty background, but you could equally be a stay-at-home parent wanting to start a career or someone wishing to change career direction. Bringing the motivation and a willingness to learn is essential. You need to pay attention to benefit from what the experienced trainers offer. Confidence is not a prerequisite, as this will come with the in-depth training you will receive.

However, it is also important to point out that an accredited professional needs to be taught microblading skills. You also need to look carefully at what a microblading course offers you beyond the required skills to become a microblading artist. 

Microblading Course At Lana Tarek

Lana Tarek’s microblading training is about kick-starting your career as a professional microblading artist. Along with the in-depth instruction given by Lana or her senior trainer Michelle you will receive a microblading starter kit with everything you need to start your career. 

Training in microblading at the LT Browcademy is also about mentorship, inspiration, and practical business tips. Microblading training is more than just learning how to do eyebrows. 

At Lana Tarek’s Browcademy, microblading training is a comprehensive experience. An experience that will stimulate and inspire you to be the best. To achieve this, the Browcademy is about building a student’s confidence and providing the tools and skills to make their business successful. Finally, to advise on how to operate a successful business. Your training course does not end with receiving your certificate. The Lana Tarek training experience provides follow-on support and mentorship for three to nine months to every student.

Continuing Training & Education

For any skill-based profession, continuing to hone and update your skills is necessary for success in a competitive business. At the Lana Tarek Browcademy, you can also register for several other courses that will enhance and compliment your microblading skills, including:

  • Advanced Microblading 
  • HD X Lamination 
  • Introduction to Microshading 

Alongside Your Microblading Course

As we have said, no qualifications are needed to enrol for microblading training in Australia. However, to offer your micro-blading services to the public, the Australian government does have regulations you will have to fulfil before you can legally start providing those services.

AU Regulations Regarding Microblading Services 

Statement Of Attainment

To obtain your certificate, your trainer on a microblading course has to hold a current Training And Education certification issued by the Australian Industry & Skills Committee, AISC.   


If you intend to work in a salon, their policy should provide insurance, including cover for cosmetic tattooing and microblading. But, if you plan to operate your own business, you will need to take out professional indemnity insurance. If you are going to be working out of a retail space or your home, you will need to obtain public liability insurance. 

Registering Your Studio

You need to be registered with the local council to ensure you meet their standards wherever you work from.

Infection Control Certificate SHBBINF001

If you are coming from a beauty therapy or health care setting, you may already have this certification. The best idea is to check your competencies on any current qualifications. If you do not already have the certificate, you must obtain it. There are currently several online training options for obtaining this certificate.

Do you want to learn more about microblading courses in Australia and career opportunities? Then contact the Browcedemy online today.

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