How to get Feathered Brows

How to get Feathered Brows

Over the last ten years, we have seen a dramatic transformation in how we view our eyebrows, and it is still going strong. Thicker, fuller eyebrows help shape the face, defining and creating a more balanced, attractive, natural look. A look, that according to research, is more appealing to men. However, not all ladies are blessed with thick, full eyebrows, but there is no reason to despair. Beauty products, make-up and cosmetic treatments allow every woman to have the eyebrows she would like.

What Are Feathered Brows?

Feathered brows are popular as the work for all shapes and sizes of eyebrows—from the thicker, fuller, dramatic look to a more feathery, subtle wispy look. Whichever you choose, this leans towards a more natural style that is more relaxed than the structured shape of an ombre brow while still looking dressy and professional. 

What Are Feather Brows?

What started as a joke in 2017 turned into an internet sensation. This version of ‘feather brows’ include a parting midline through the eyebrows and the brows feathered upwards and downwards. The style was created using a glue stick, not recommended—soap is a much better option.

How To Get Feathered Brows Naturally

Looking at photos of yourself over the years, you probably can see how your eyebrows have changed. If you want to embrace the feathered look without going the microblading route, then the first thing you want to do is stop plucking and maybe consider a conditioning eyebrow gel to promote hair growth. 

Face & Eyebrow Shapes

Different face shapes suit certain brow styles better, but ultimately you go for a look you are happy with. The best guide to the eyebrow shape for you? Your natural shape.

Like celebrities Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon, heart-shaped faces suit a brow with a soft arch. This style balances out the longer chin of this face shape. Bold, fluffy brows will work as the brow being wide will not be overwhelmed by them. 

Celebrities Malin Akerman and Nicole Richie, with their square-shaped faces, suit a high curved arch. This style softens this face shape’s hard angles. Remember not to take the tail too low, as this will draw the eye down.

With celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler, their oblong-shaped faces suit a straighter, slightly arched brow. This style, along with fluffier brows, helps widen the face.

Like with celebrities Gabrielle Union and Kirstin Dunst, round-shaped faces suit a sharp-angled fuller brow that defines this face shape.

Lucky celebrities like Jessica Alba and Beyoncé, with their oval-shaped faces, suit all of the above.

One-Two-Three Steps To Getting A Feathered Brow

  1. Invest in the right tools! The LT micro-feathering pencil lets you achieve the perfect feathered look day after day. The pencil includes a brush which is the 2nd essential you need to complete your look.
  2. First, put on your face make-up. 
    • Then start to brush—moving towards the centre of your brow as you fluff your brow hairs upwards. 
    • Take the pencil and fill in any sparse areas of your brow with small, soft feathery upstrokes before moving on to the fuller areas. Avoid defined lines and firm strokes. Your eyebrow colour should generally be a couple of shades darker than your hair.
  3. Once you have achieved the desired look, set it using a brow gel. You can also blend in some concealer above the brows to tidy the area up. Then add in some highlight and shimmer to emphasise the brows that little bit more.

Salon Help In Achieving A Natural Feathered Look

A midway solution between learning a whole new set of eyebrow maintenance skills and going for cosmetic micro feathering is to try HD lamination. This technique uses a setting and keratin solution on your brow hair to achieve fuller, glossier eyebrows. It takes an hour to complete and lasts up to six weeks—costs between $130 and $150.

Choosing To Go To A Feather Cosmetic Brow Boutique

To attain the correct n undone natural feather eyebrow style yourself takes some skill. Plus, the process takes time every day to create the perfect look. Saving time and having the ideal brow without fussing is why many women are going for the feather cosmetic brow. This process is a semi-permanent tattoo for your eyebrows. To ensure the best result, it requires you to take a visit to a recognised salon. There, trained and skilled professionals will perform the procedure. The finished results last up to two years and require little —meaning your eyebrows are always perfect, day and night.

Micro Feathering or Microblading?

For women whose brows are a little sparse, micro feathering is the increasingly preferred method of microblading. This semi-permanent method of tattooing uses what is considered a less invasive technique than microblading. In that, it fills out the brows you already have in the area hair is sparse. In comparison, microblading creates a natural-looking, fuller brow by covering most of the brow.

Micro feathering uses one needle and no blade compared to microblading, creating fine, hair-like strokes filling in the gaps in your brows. The cost varies as to the technique and artist you select approx $600 – $1800.

You will require touch-ups with both cosmetic techniques. With the feathering approach, retention lasts slightly longer— due to passing over a stroke with pigment more than the one time you can with microblading. 

Choosing To Go To A Feather Cosmetic Brow Boutique

At the Lana Tarek salon, our professionally trained eyebrow specialists are on hand to provide you with info on all the options available. Book online for a consultation with one of our eyebrow specialists to discuss the feathered brow look you want to achieve.

We do not offer any microblading technique to pregnant women, breastfeeding, on blood thinners or taking chemo but don’t despair. We are top specialists in eyebrow reshaping, tinting and lamination. We can and will help you achieve the feathered eyebrow look you want.

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