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IBROU Brow Wrap

IBROU Brow Wrap

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Experience the ultimate convenience and effectiveness with our IBROU Lamination Wrap. Designed to simplify the brow lamination process, our user-friendly wrap securely holds brow hairs in place during the perming procedure.

Say goodbye to complicated techniques and hello to hassle-free applications. Our IBROU brow wrap comes in a convenient box, making it effortless to tear away the desired section for use. Simply apply the wrap over the brows, and it will effectively hold the hairs in position as the straightening solution works its magic.

With our IBROU Lamination Wrap, you can achieve stunning results without stress or fuss. The wrap ensures that every hair is held securely, allowing the perming solution to penetrate evenly and transform your eyebrow hairs into a beautifully enhanced state.

Instructions for use: Apply a layer of brow wrap to the eyebrows after steps 2 & 3 of the lamination process. 

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