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IBROU Lamination Adhesive

IBROU Lamination Adhesive

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Our specially formulated adhesive is designed to securely hold brow hairs in the desired direction during the IBROU Brow Lamination procedure. Say goodbye to stubborn hairs that won’t cooperate and hello to beautifully shaped and defined brows.

The IBROU Lamination Adhesive is water-soluble, making it easy to work with and ensuring a seamless application process. It provides a strong and reliable hold, allowing you to create stunning brow transformations with confidence.

You have the option to purchase the IBROU Lamination Adhesive separately or as part of our Professional Lamination Kit, which includes everything you need for a successful brow lamination experience.


Water, propylene glycol, Ethanol, 1-3 Butanediol, Ethylhexglycerin, Acrylates, Laurylacrylate, Stearyacrylate.

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