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IBROU Mapping String

IBROU Mapping String

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Are you a professional eyebrow artist searching for a time-saving solution to streamline your brow pre-drawing process? Look no further than the IBROU Mapping String, the ultimate tool for precision and efficiency.

Designed specifically for eyebrow mapping, our Mapping String is pre-pigmented with semi-soluble white ink. This means you no longer need to spend valuable time coloring your thread, as the pigment is already infused. Say goodbye to the tedious task of coloring and welcome a hassle-free mapping experience.

With the IBROU Mapping String, you can achieve precise and accurate brow outlines without worrying about residue on the client’s face. Our high-quality thread ensures clean and crisp lines every time, enhancing your professional image and delivering exceptional results.

10m string.

Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

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